A family story with close ties to Barcelona

Of the finest late Art Deco architecture in Barcelona, combined with a twist of rationalist influence, our historic and beautiful building was completed in 1936, months before the Spanish civil war broke out. In fact, according to records, the stunning basement – used as a shelter by people in the area during the air raids on the city – dates back to 1886, making it one of the first constructions ever built in the Eixample district.

Famous architect Josep Goday, a native of Barcelona, was commissioned with the design of the building and site supervision. Josep Goday was a true icon of his time, in an industrial city where culture was rapidly blooming.

He died in 1936, so 8Sides is probably the last work of his architectural career.

The keys to this century-old building in the Eixample district have always been kept by the same family, from the time when Joan Casas Canudas, a textile businessman and famous local philanthropist from the early 20th century, had the building built on one of his plots until one of his great-great-grandchildren took on the 8Sides project.

The fifth generation is highly committed to keeping history, tradition and local pride alive, all of which is closely linked to the urban and cultural development of Barcelona.

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